In These Ways, Uber is Helping Increase Driver and Passenger Safety

It’s a weekend. You’ve been invited to a party by a friend in a neighborhood you are not very familiar with. You dance the night away and in the process take too much alcohol. It has been a hectic week after all. It’s late when the party ends and you need to get back to your place. You don’t want to drive lest you meet with traffic cops and go in for driving under influence. You don’t want to waste time in a courtroom or money hiring a lawyer. You don’t know how safe it is to stand in a street in this neighborhood and wave down a taxi-it’s a weekend anyway and everyone’s gone out. Taxis are busy.

You don’t have to worry. As long as your smartphone has some charge, you just call a Uber cab and you will be home fast and safe. Uber in so many way ensures your safety and convenience hence you no longer need to worry about night outs or visiting neighborhoods you have not been into before. Here are the various measures Uber has put in place to guarantee safety for both driver and passenger:

  1. Uber drivers are screened before being picked.

They must have a clean criminal record and should not have violated any traffic rules in the past. You therefore need not worry about the intentions or the competence of the guy sited at the driver’s seat. Relax and enjoy your ride. Marvel at the buildings and parks of this new city that you’re visiting. You are in safe, clean hands. The presence of the rating and commenting feature helps keep them in check. The driver needs a good rating and hence rude comments and scuffles are unlikely.

  1. Uber feature that connects the driver to law enforcement agencies and GPS connection allows for swift response in case of emergency.

This is one of the measures in place to reduce the possibility of a Uber driver being hurt by their passenger(s). The use of GPS helps in location of drivers in distress or during emergencies. Use of caller IDs to help trace location of fares help avoid scuffles over fare. Use of credit card for payment helps discourage robberies and also can be used to track down a passenger in case of any incidence.

  1. Uber will pick you up at a place of your convenience.

You therefore, do not have to stand and wait in some street where you might be mugged or hurt. The Uber drivers know well the routes to your destination and therefore you don’t have to worry about getting into dangerous neighborhood. When drunk, calling a Uber cab avoids the need of driving under the influence of alcohol. This reduces the number of drunk drivers on the roads and drastically reducing the number of road accidents hence ensuring your safety as well as that of other road users. Taxi driving is among the most dangerous jobs. Though, most of us are more worried about the driver, the driver ought to be more worried about the people they are ferrying. People of all kinds and in all kinds of states whose history they don’t know.

Uber Laws

Additionally, Uber has various requirements put in place to further safeguard the lives of passengers. First and foremost, the driver must meet the following essential requirements:

  1. The driver must be older than 21 years.
  2. The driver must have more than three years of driving experience. If you recently relocated from a different state, you might have to confirm your driving history. Always have your out-of-state driver’s license for you might need it.

Other requirements:

  1. The driver must have a credible in-state car insurance which in his name.
  2. The driver should have in-state vehicle registration. It doesn’t have to be in his name.
  3. The driver must have a proper state Driver’s License.
  4. The driver must have a valid Social Security Number to facilitate background checks.
  5. The driver must be conversant with various traffic laws and regulations. You can learn more about these laws from various legal sources available online.

Background Check:

  1. The driver should have a clean driving record.
  2. The driver must pass the background check. A company called Hirease does the background check. The background check takes several days. So as to pass the background check, the driver should make sure that in the past seven years, he has not committed any of the following felonies:
  • Drug-related or DUI offenses.
  • History of reckless driving.
  • Involved in any fatal accidents
  • Incidents of driving with no license or insurance documents.

To pass this background check, it’s always advisable to have no Criminal history at all.

Driver’s vehicle requirements.

The driver should have a car that satisfies the Uber driver requirements. The UberX (Uber’s basic services) vehicle requirements are:

  1. The vehicle should be a 4-door sedan and should have the capacity to seat more than four passengers excluding the driver.
  2. Driver’s full name should be on the vehicle insurance.
  3. The vehicle should have license plates issued by the state.
  4. It should not have been used for any taxi related services or previously salvaged.
  5. Should pass an Uber vehicle inspection.


New threats to drivers and passengers emerge every day, but this helps in the creation and advancement of measures to protect them. You have no reason to be worried about your next Uber ride. You will be safe. Enjoy it.