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Mercedes CLA – The Attractive Form

The Mercedes is kind of wonder car for everyone. The moment you see it breaks your resistant; the new style compact executive car called Mercedes CLA is the combination of A-Class and B-Class. This model started manufacturing during the year of 2013 and it was designed by Mark Fetherston and Robert Lesnik. CLA 180 blue efficiency is known to be the best ever model that they launched in last 20 years.

This model is divided into three characters one is it masculine dominant feature and another is two pipe exhaust system that completes the dynamic supporting. Mercedes CLA has two body style coupes one is four door fastback coupe concepts and another is five door shooting-brakes. The four door fastback coupe is designed with a four- cylinder turbocharged engine rated around 211PS. In Wheels: UsaRim has really gained its name over a decade now in the products it delivered.

It has front wheel drive system with dual-clutch automatic transmission and its diamond-look grille is originated from the 2011 A-class model.  It has Alubeam body colour, headlight blows at standby mode, indicators individually points up. The Mercedes CLA has 21 inches wheels which has pierced pins on the spokes. It has got sports steering wheel. The air nozzles have a design of jet engine.


The interiors are amazing and very fascinating because it has sporty seats which are there both in the front and rear. The air nozzles have a design of jet engine. As usual in every Mercedes we are going find the reverse parking with camera, reverse gear and electric brake which guide the vehicle to adjust and to park properly.

We are going to find 2-tube design with beautiful colour multifunction display with all necessary features. It has got leather steering with gives sporty look. It has electrical adjustable front seat with great memory function. Trim has got wave look like sport car does.  Another multimedia system that you can normally find in Formula one is “new generation telemetric.”


Mercedes always has given priority to safety so, it has got intelligent drive concept for safety. There is another safety precaution i.e., attention assist, it has anti- locking brake and most important child proofing in rear doors, which is secured mechanically and electrically even in the crash or accident it opens the door automatically. It has code stickers near the fuel tank and the B-Pillar and airbags which are obvious and so much of other safety precaution we are going find in the Mercedes.


The most hot and happening colour Red which identify the power and dominance. The pins on the high-gloss black, silver painted bars beside it and chrome inserts it describe the dominance. It has panoramic sliding sunroof which allow fresh air and good ventilation. It has got advanced version surround sound system which gives best sound as it is equipped by Harmon Kardon Logic 7. Last but not least it has 7-Speed dual clutch transmission i.e. 7G-DCT which leads to fast and smooth gear changing without any kind of obstruction.


Mercedes CLA is known as a new gateway to Mercedes Benz, it has developed a great expectation in the market and in the heart of customer. The interiors have given a great sporty look which make you feel like youthful. The CLA has received lots appreciation even after lots of controversial.  After all this it still looks like Mercedes CLA.